about us

Revolution Industrial Services, LLC is a family-owned Industrial Contractor that was established in 2015. Revolution was established to serve the industrial market in Northeastern Wisconsin with a leadership model that puts people first. This leadership model creates deep, meaningful relationships at all levels of the business, from the customer relationship to the people working on the project sites. At Revolution, business is about relationships. Relationships are what drive long-term business success for both the customer and Revolution.

Three Bearing Points of Our Foundation

Mission Statement

WHO we are always going to be as a company:

Revolution Industrial Services, LLC will be a company that is committed to developing our people first and foremost. We believe that if we do this with passion and enthusiasm, our people will be market leaders at building deep, meaningful relationships with customers and industry peers. These relationships will be the foundation for the success of our business.

Vision Statement

WHAT we are going to be known for:

Revolution Industrial Services, LLC will be a local company that is known and respected for its deep-rooted value of people and relationships, expertise in the industry, a culture that is family-based and an unwavering passion to never stop improving.

Guiding Principles

HOW are we going to handle our business and relationships:

We will ask ourselves the following questions when faced with decisions:

  • Whatever is TRUE
  • Whatever is NOBLE
  • Whatever is RIGHT
  • Whatever is PURE
  • Whatever is HONORABLE